Material Painting


M4 is an application for cutting, deforming and painting models in virtual reality. When holding a stylus in each hand, M4 renders three-dimensional force-feedback, which allows you to feel the contours of the model. M4 also includes a set of tools for cutting, deforming, and annotating a model.

While M4 was originally designed as a tool to help geoscientists manipulate 3D models, artists have also found it to be an interesting way to interact with models.


The M4 project was initiated by my advisor, Dr. Chris Harding. As the lead graduate student, I developed the mesh cutting and chain-mail deformation tools from descriptions in academic papers. I also adapted the chainmail deformation algorithm to allow the user to paint material properties onto the model, similar to how a blacksmith might heat up the parts of the metal to make them more malleable.